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Complete Line of Professional Whiteboards, Markerboards, Interactive Boards, and Projection Screens for Businesses, Colleges, Commercial Properties, Factories, Fitness Industry, Industrial, Institutions, Hospitality, Hospitals, Hotels, Houses of Worship, Offices, Property Management, Rec Centers, Restaurants, Residential, Retail, Schools, Universities, Warehouses, and more . . .

Markerboards / Whiteboards: extra large wall mounted for businesses, schools, colleges, and universities to
small hinged models that include a white board in the middle and tack boards on either side that open and close as needed.

Imprinted Graphics Boards:
our boards can be imprinted with graphics such as logos, grids, and lines for teaching music and penmanship.

Interactive Boards: add interactive technology to any of our boards and create a media-rich channel that integrates
seamlessly with and accesses data from computers and projectors, to access internet information,
and record audio to accompany presentations for remote audiences.

Projection Screens: many of our boards can also double as a projection screen.
See our projection screen page for pull down screens and more.

Contact Snap Wall for custom designed and professionally installed marker boards, whiteboards, projection screens,
tack boards, and bulletin boards for your business, industrial, or institutional setting.


BOARDS - Markerboards, Whiteboards

  • DTS Series: Drop in Tray System
  • BTS Series: Box Tray Trim System
  • WTS Series: Wide Profile Trim System
  • NTS Series: Narrow Hanger Trim Syste for Boards
  • HTS Series: Hanger Bar Trim System
  • MTS Series: Modular Trim System


  • EW Series: Edges Wrapped System
  • Combination Boards - Natural Cork Tackboards + Markerboards
  • Floor to Ceiling Markerboards
  • Retrofit Markerboards
  • Graphic Boards with DTS Trim
  • Markerboards with technology


  • Wall Mounted Horizontal Sliding Units
  • Built-In Horizontal Sliding Units
  • Vertical Sliding Unit


  • Bulletin and Directory Boards
  • Trophy and Display Cases
  • Executive Conference Units

University Lecture Hall

Classroom Acoustics Conference Rooms

University Lecture Hall

University Lecture Hall

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Classroom Acoustics Conference Rooms

University Lecture Hall

Projection Screens Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms Meeting Wall Mount Projection Screen

Wall Mounted Whiteboard with Corkboard on Both Ends

Wall Mounted Whiteboard with Multi-Sliding Levels

Multi Level Sliding Wall Mounted Whiteboards

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